Difference between Quality Control & Quality Assurance:

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance comprises all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system and demonstrated as needed, to provide adequate confidence that the entity, product or service will fulfill the requirements for quality

  • Quality assurance prevents deviations.
  • Quality assurance does not change product quality.
  • Quality assurance is an off-line activity.
  • Quality assurance concerns with creating confidence among stake- holders that requirements for quality will be fulfilled by the organization.
  • Quality assurance produces confidence by ensuring that quality control has been done as per quality plan.

Quality Control

  • Quality control detects deviations
  • Quality control can change product quality.
  • Quality control is an on- line activity.
  • Quality control concerns the operational means to fulfill quality requirements.
  • Quality control produces results by compliance of quality plan.


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